Diversified Rivoli Capital
 P Share NAV 118.53 MTD -0.18%
 I Share NAV 136.42 MTD -0.12%
 F Share NAV 148.72 MTD -0.1%

As of 11/14/2019

Rivoli International
 E Share NAV 580.46 MTD -0.67%
 U Share NAV 141.01 MTD -0.59%

As of 11/14/2019

Rivoli International V9
 E Share NAV 216.55 MTD 3.54%
 U Share NAV 193.32 MTD 3.9%

As of 06/26/2019

Long / Short Equity Rivoli Equity
 E Share NAV 142.11 MTD 0.02%
 U Share NAV 170.23 MTD 0.18%

As of 06/27/2019

Asset Allocation Rivoli Optimal Allocation
 P Share NAV 120.04 MTD -0.17%
 I Share NAV 120.94 MTD -0.17%
 U Share NAV 150.46 MTD -0.27%

As of 11/14/2019

Long / Short Fixed Income Rivoli Long Short bond
 P Share NAV 168.4 MTD -1.47%
 I Share NAV 226.74 MTD -1.31%

As of 11/14/2019


Rivoli Fund was founded in 1996 by Vincent GLEYZE. In 2006, the firm’s capital was expanded to the key employees of the company.

Vincent Gleyze

Vincent Gleyze

Vincent Gleyze started his career at SG WARBURG in 1987 as a Futures trader in Paris. He then managed the Long Term Government Bond trading book. Then he joined BRED (Banques Populaires group) in charge of developing the long term government bonds arbitrage and trading activities. He is now Chief Executive Officer of Rivoli Fund Management.

A team of 10 experienced professionals

Business Development & Marketing

Portfolio Management & Research

Front & Middle Office

Compliance, Legal and Human Resources