Our vision


We believe that financial markets offer a lot of inefficiencies. Our approach is to systematically identify and trade these opportunities. The key points of our approach are:

Systematic trading : We track these anomalies in a systematic, computerised way and take positions accordingly, looking for profits.

Diversification is a key element in our approach. We do our best to trade as many different markets as possible, and to use as many different trading strategies as possible, in order to offer the best possible risk return profile to our clients. The degree of diversification of each program is consistent with the guidelines set out in its prospectus and marketing documents.

Risk management
is pivotal in our approach. For each program, a target level of risk is set (risk budget). This risk budget is then split between the different trading strategies which are available in the program.

Research : We also believe that it is important to dedicate ourselves to an ongoing research, in order to improve our existing systems, to find new trading ideas, and to be able to adapt to new environments.

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