Diversified Rivoli Capital
 F Share NAV 142.67 MTD -2.44%
 I Share NAV 131.93 MTD -2.48%
 P Share NAV 116.3 MTD -2.54%

As of 09/20/2018

Rivoli International
 E Share NAV 608.63 MTD -3.89%
 U Share NAV 147.82 MTD -3.83%

As of 09/20/2018

Rivoli International V9
 E Share NAV 224.31 MTD -2.63%
 U Share NAV 195.71 MTD -2.53%

As of 09/20/2018

Long / Short Equity Rivoli Equity
 U Share NAV 169.47 MTD 1.09%
 E Share NAV 144.58 MTD 0.95%

As of 09/20/2018

Asset Allocation Rivoli Optimal Allocation
 I Share NAV 116.15 MTD -0.56%
 P Share NAV 115.81 MTD -0.58%
 U Share NAV 142.62 MTD -0.22%

As of 09/20/2018

Long / Short Fixed Income Rivoli Long Short bond
 I Share NAV 205.72 MTD -0.41%
 P Share NAV 153.64 MTD -0.43%

As of 09/20/2018

Long / Short Fixed Income

Investement Philosophy

Our Long / Short Fixed Income strategy looks to take advantage of the main fixed-income market trends, as well as of short-term inefficiencies, thanks to a long/short approach on international bonds – with no exposure to corporate bonds. This strategy is a deep source of diversification for fixed-income portfolio with the ability to display a negative duration and benefit from reversals on fixed-income markets.

The Long / Short Fixed Income strategy of Rivoli Fund Management is available with the Rivoli Long Short Bond Fund.


Rivoli Long Short bond

  NAV Perf / year
I Share 205.72 -3.24%
P Share 153.64 -3.59%
As of 09/20/2018
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