Diversified Rivoli Capital
 F Share NAV 146.97 MTD -1.78%
 I Share NAV 136.3 MTD -1.83%
 P Share NAV 120.76 MTD -1.92%

As of 04/24/2018

Rivoli International
 E Share NAV 637.68 MTD -2.07%
 U Share NAV 153.5 MTD -1.89%

As of 04/24/2018

Rivoli International V9
 E Share NAV 230.68 MTD -1.38%
 U Share NAV 198.28 MTD -1.21%

As of 04/24/2018

Long / Short Equity Rivoli Equity
 U Share NAV 171.52 MTD 1.03%
 E Share NAV 148.15 MTD 0.3%

As of 04/24/2018

Asset Allocation Rivoli Optimal Allocation
 I Share NAV 115.57 MTD 0.26%
 P Share NAV 115.43 MTD 0.24%
 U Share NAV 140.68 MTD 0.43%

As of 04/24/2018

Long / Short Fixed Income Rivoli Long Short bond
 I Share NAV 215.07 MTD -0.07%
 P Share NAV 160.95 MTD -0.11%

As of 04/24/2018

Long / Short Equity

Investement Philosophy

Our Long / Short Equity strategy aims to benefit from European equity markets inefficiencies using a combination of Value and Growth investment approaches within a Long / Short framework. Our Growth investment approach leads us to buy stocks with high growth potential and to sell stocks with weak growth potential, while the Value one looks at buying undervalued stocks and selling over-valued stocks.

The Long / Short Equity strategy of Rivoli Fund Management is available with the Rivoli Equity Fund.


Rivoli Equity

  NAV Perf / year
U Share 171.52 16.64%
E Share 148.15 6.09%
As of 04/24/2018
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