Diversified Rivoli Capital
 P Share NAV 117.34 MTD -1.73%
 I Share NAV 135.14 MTD -1.72%
 F Share NAV 147.39 MTD -1.7%

As of 12/13/2019

Rivoli International
 E Share NAV 563.06 MTD -4.42%
 U Share NAV 136.81 MTD -4.48%

As of 12/13/2019

Rivoli International V9
 E Share NAV 216.55 MTD 3.54%
 U Share NAV 193.32 MTD 3.9%

As of 06/26/2019

Long / Short Equity Rivoli Equity
 E Share NAV 142.11 MTD 0.02%
 U Share NAV 170.23 MTD 0.18%

As of 06/27/2019

Asset Allocation Rivoli Optimal Allocation
 P Share NAV 119.44 MTD -0.69%
 I Share NAV 120.37 MTD -0.68%
 U Share NAV 178.69 MTD 3.07%

As of 12/13/2019

Long / Short Fixed Income Rivoli Long Short bond
 P Share NAV 166.58 MTD -1.05%
 I Share NAV 224.57 MTD -0.94%

As of 12/13/2019


Taking advantage of market inefficiencies

For more than 20 years, we have developed many analytical and decision-making tools that allow us to identify market inefficiencies and benefit from them. This know-how, designed by the research team, is unique to Rivoli Fund Management. 

Rivoli's expertise is aimed at providing diversification solutions, using techniques to exploit the inefficiencies of the financial markets. Our approach applies to a broad investment universe, made up of the main asset classes, whether equity, bonds, currencies or commodities.

Research is a continuous and central process of our approach, which allows us to adapt to new market environments and to evolve our methods. Finally, measuring risk is at the heart of our approach.

We have developed numerous risk assessment tools based on volatility or Value at Risk analyzes. For each of our portfolios, we determine a target or maximum level of risk that is distributed equally among the different techniques used.

Our fund families

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Generate positive returns whatever the market conditions, by taking advantage of the main market trends on a wide investment universe

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Long / Short Equity

Benefit from European equity markets inefficiencies using a combination of Value and Growth investment approaches within a Long / Short framework.

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Asset Allocation

A dynamic and reactive allocation within a large investment universe supported by a proprietary macro-economic analysis.

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Long / Short Fixed Income

Take advantage of the main fixed-income market trends, as well as of short-term inefficiencies, thanks to a long/short approach on international bonds

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