Diversified Rivoli Capital
 P Share NAV 112.06 MTD -0.51%
 I Share NAV 128.16 MTD -0.47%
 F Share NAV 139.23 MTD -0.44%

As of 05/16/2019

Rivoli International
 E Share NAV 549.47 MTD -0.41%
 U Share NAV 135.74 MTD -0.29%

As of 05/16/2019

Rivoli International V9
 E Share NAV 210.52 MTD -0.57%
 U Share NAV 187.05 MTD -0.45%

As of 05/16/2019

Long / Short Equity Rivoli Equity
 E Share NAV 142.61 MTD 0.73%
 U Share NAV 170.35 MTD 0.84%

As of 05/16/2019

Asset Allocation Rivoli Optimal Allocation
 P Share NAV 116.47 MTD -0.85%
 I Share NAV 117.11 MTD -0.84%
 U Share NAV 144.98 MTD -0.64%

As of 05/16/2019

Long / Short Fixed Income Rivoli Long Short bond
 P Share NAV 162.65 MTD 1.52%
 I Share NAV 218.49 MTD 1.54%

As of 05/16/2019


Who we are ?

Rivoli Fund Management is an asset management company created in 1996 by quantitative professionals. We offer investment solutions which aim to improve our clients’ portfolios diversification. The firm is owned by its founding partner and key employees.

Over the years, we have elaborated a range of funds pooled into four categories: Diversified, Long/Short Fixed Income, Long/Short Equity and Asset Allocation.


For more than 20 years now, our teams have been relying on a proprietary know-how and methodology, developed by an experienced research team.

In France and abroad, we offer our investment solutions to an institutional and private client base.

20 years of extensive experience

Rivoli is registered with the CFTC and the NFA as a Commodity Trading Advisor, and with the French authorities (AMF) as an asset management firm.